About Us

Our Mission

Our goal is always the same. To get what is owed to you or your business while retaining a good relationship with your debtor. Even if your intention is not to retain the relationship we will still strive for both. As always when it comes to accounts receivable we know that getting the job done quickly is also important. Our personal guarantee to you is if we do not collect, you do not pay. No Collection = No Fees.

Attorney Collection, Inc.

Our main office located in the heart of New York, NY serving as the best collection agency in the world. We also have over 100 offices throughout the US and 25 throughout the rest of the world. We are committed to collecting personal or commercial accounts. Size does not matter. We will treat each case in the same professional manner. We will keep your business connections intact while collection of your accounts receivable resumes.

Our Vision

We want you to have your money in your hands as quickly as possible. Attorney Collection Agency can help your business focus on what’s important. That is running your business, not worrying about debtors. We will take care of your business getting paid and your business image staying intact. We recognize we are a representative of your business and will act as such throughout the entire collection process. We aim to get the best returns on your money and we do this by placing more effort then any other collection company.

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